A Personal Note

I'll join Zeilenwerk as a Product Owner in August. After about a decade, I will leave the media industry.

A Personal Note
Photo by Joanna Kosinska / Unsplash

Some of you might have already read that I will soon leave Blick. Today, I can announce that I will join the Swiss software agency Zeilenwerk as a Product Owner in August.

I look forward to collaborating with a purpose-driven team on sustainable solutions for our customers.

It's a big step since I've been in journalism/media for about a decade. It's what I know. The decision to switch not only the industry but also the work environment—from a big and relatively stable organisation to a smaller and nimble company—wasn't easy for me. I expect the cultural shock will hit hard.

However, I believe change is always an opportunity. And leaving one's comfort zone encourages personal growth. I also felt a strong connection to Zeilenwerk's culture centred around mindfulness. Aside from projects, it's a vital part of Zeilenwerk that everybody can shape the company, from self-organisation to self-set salaries.

Oh, and Zeilenwerk is currently looking for new developers. So if you know anyone who might be interested, please forward them to the open positions here.

I plan to write a longer post about why I leave journalism behind. As for this small newsletter: I'll continue to write about leadership, collaboration, and digitalisation, but probably much less through the lens of the media industry.

Nevertheless, I hope you'll stick around anyway.

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